Guiding B2B Organizations As They Adapt To A Digital World

B2B operations and selling strategies are changing as customer needs evolve and traditional processes become outdated and inefficient. B2B buyers and sellers are modernizing and demanding processes and experiences that are seamless, logic-based and intuitive.

This is where Figyr Digital steps in. We guide B2B organizations that are looking to explore closer relationships with their customers by catering to their omni-channel expectations and accommodating flexibility and customization along the way. We guide organizations that are looking for new revenue streams, reaching new audiences and improving operational efficiency by automating tedious, manual tasks. We guide organizations that aim to better support their internal teams and external buyers by offering more communication and collaboration options paired with self-service product support.

  • B2B Commerce

    Expand and better understand your audience. Optimize scattered buying journey’s and improve buying efficiency by introducing digital and automated processes to replace manual operations. Whether you’re already selling through a marketplace and looking to directly engage your customers or you’re new to digital commerce, Figyr will help you look at the big picture, select the right technology, design an engaging experience that accounts for B2B complexities and implement the platform.

  • B2B Customer Experiences

    B2B relationships are long-term and reqiure nurturing and reoccuring actions. Sellers must cater to an audience that expects a truly omni-channel experience.

    Figyr works with B2B organizations to understand their customer needs to map and optimize the many touchpoints customers encounter.

  • B2B Portals

    Product support, product catalogs, knowledge repositories, training opportunities, communication and collaboration resources and workflow management is a necessary offering that both internal and external B2B users demand.

    Figyr works with B2B organizations to organize the information and implement the workflow to ensure ease of maintaince by administrators while also make the information easy to find and access by end users.

Case Studies

Office Supply Manufacturing Company Case Study