Our Work

At Figyr Digital, we are incredibly passionate about helping our clients deliver outstanding digital experiences for their customers! We take great pride in using a customer-first approach in all of our projects, which not only drives sales and boosts revenue, but also helps build deep and meaningful relationships with customers.

Business to Consumer (B2C)

Branded Experiences

Figyr Digital designs and builds websites that offer an engaging experience by aligning with a company's brand identity and messaging. Through content strategy and design mixed with technology and data, we create and tailor our branded experiences to the specific goals and needs of your business to engage and captivate visitors.

Digital Commerce

B2C companies heavily rely on their digital channels to drive sales and revenue. By providing a seamless and convenient online shopping experience, businesses can attract and retain customers, drive revenue growth and build brand loyalty. Figyr Digital is the partner to get you there. When designing and implementing Ecommerce applications, we prioritize user experience, scalability, security, integration and mobile optimization to provide a seamless and user friendly customer experience.

Digital Products

Our product development offering is designed to help businesses bring innovative and marketable products to market. With our expertise in product development, design, and engineering, we can provide a comprehensive solution that includes everything from ideation to launch.

Business to Business (B2B, B2B2C)

B2B Customer Experiences

B2B relationships are long-term and require nurturing and recurring actions. Sellers must cater to an audience that expects a truly omni-channel experience. Figyr works with B2B organizations to understand their customer needs to map, design, develop and optimize the many touch points customers encounter.

B2B , B2B2C Commerce

Expand and better understand your audience. Optimize scattered buying journey’s and improve buying efficiency by introducing digital and automated processes to replace manual operations. Whether you’re already selling through a marketplace and looking to directly engage your customers or you’re new to digital commerce, Figyr will help you look at the big picture, select the right technology, design an engaging experience that accounts for B2B complexities and implement the platform.

Self Service Portals

Product support, product catalogs, knowledge repositories, training opportunities, communication and collaboration resources and workflow management is a necessary offering that both internal and external B2B users demand. Figyr works with B2B organizations to organize the information and implement the workflow to ensure ease of maintenance by administrators while also make the information easy to find and access by end users.

B2B2C - Office Supply Manufacturing Company Case Study