We are a boutique digital strategy and experience design organization that partners with mid to large companies as they embrace digital experiences and technologies.

It can be daunting to know how or where to start a project, understand the cost, justify the cost, know if it’s the right decision right now. Our job is to guide teams through a process that provides an objective view of the market, consumers, experience needs, technology needs and an understanding of the timing and cost to complete the work. We take the guesswork out so that you can confidently focus on the future.

It’s competitive out there and large organizations are spending money, fighting for customers, and delivering personalized experiences. The success and survival of a growth business depends on getting digital right. Simply having a website is not enough.

You must understand how your customer interacts with you online and throughout their entire journey. That is why we've built Figyr Digital. We not only connect the dots, drawing your customer relationships closer, we help you build and implement the modern technology you need to support and run your business.

Driven to make a difference

Figyr Digital has a social responsibility to impact the future in positive ways. The way we operate, the work we deliver, the people that we chose for our teams and our clients - is grounded in our commitment to making a social and environmental difference. We have the skills and influence and look to use them always pushing us forward.